SweetChunk Bx1 The first backcross from SweetChunk F1 to the mother the Sweet Pink Grapefruit, brought a surprising result. The small splitting into separate phenotypes in this backcross was an expected effekt however, the overall picture of all plants are very close to the original SPG clone. For the Backcross many SweetChunk F1 plants were selected and the best Male which looks like similar to the SPG were saved and became the father part of this backcross. The growth of the first BX1 is in contrast to the SweetChunk F1 version is much more similar to a Sativa dominant plant. The leafs are more filligran and smaller as the Indica dominated SweetChunk F1. The whole plant has changed and tends to a SPG like growth pattern. The Sweet Chunk hybrid was characterized by the dominance of the Deep Chunk wiche makes the cross very homogeneous and stable. Through the first backcross, there was a split to more phenotypes in a Seedpack. The Gene splitt into three Versions. The DeepChunk phäno is 100% similar to the SweetChunk F1 with a lot of resin and very hard and compact buds. The flavor is more sweet and fruity and not so hashy like the smell from F1-Generation. The second phenotype is an identical copy of the SPG Clone or to SPG S1 Seeds we offer a while ago. A strong growth, resin occupied buds, big buds and a intense Grapefruit smell make the Sweet Pink Grapefruit copy perfect. The buds got same middel hard strukture the SweetPink and the same good yield. The third and last phenotype has the same flavor as pheno two but this plant is much more sativa dominant and needs some day more till the buds are finished. The smell and taste can be compared with all the other Sweet Chunk BX1 plants, but the aftertaste is lil bit more like Blueberry. Budstrukture is fluffy and not very dense. The turn is compared to the F1 Sweet Chunk clear and euphoric but at least very strong. The effect has evolved from a typical Indica Sativa stoned to an good Up-High. Also the yield has improved and is now comparable to that of SPG. I was a little unsure if I should release this new version of SweetChunk, but the feedback from all Sweet Chunk BX1 Testgrowers has confirmed my opinion about the new genetics. Sweet Chunk BX1 is really comparable with the sweet pink grapefruit and tops it maybe in the intensity of flavor. This is not a cheap marketing slogan, I guarantee for each SweetChunk BX1 Grower is difficult to find out the difference between the SPG clone and SweetChunkBX1. But the „Sweet Pink Grapefruit“ regular Projekt is not finished yet there is much more work and time to became the most possible resemblance in a regular Form of SPG. Breeder: Alpine Seeds Genetics: SweetChunk BX1 (SPG x (DeepChunk x SPG)) Size: 10 Seeds regular Variety: Mostly Sativa THC Content: High Grows: Indoor; Greenhouse Indoors Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks Flavor: sweet and grapefruit some phenos a lil bit more hashy Weeks Harvest Month: Oktober

Sweet Chunk Bx1

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